Organizing Your Home Office

Organizing Your Home Office

A Home office is often the landing place for mail, filing, important documents, pictures and homework. It can easily become the messiest room in the house making those important documents impossible to find and those pictures ruined from sitting on a desk. There are many things that we can do to deter clutter from the home office. These organizational techniques are sure to delight as they look great and are functional too.

Photo Boxes

Use photo boxes to not only organize photos but anything else that you have cluttering tables. Be sure to label the front of the boxes with the contents and obtain matching boxes. As a plus they can be reused and are stackable on a shelf. Matching boxes create a nice look while stacked on open faced shelves. Photo boxes in my home are used for more than photos. In the office we have a photo box for computer software, computer and miscellaneous cords, as well as stationary and a box for office supplies. It makes everything easy to locate as well as making it a breeze to organize in the future.

Filing System

Every home needs a filing system. If there is not time every single day to file papers that have been accumulated through the day it is important to use a basket, or single file to insert the papers into until they have been filed. Important and confidential information should be kept that way. Mail should be opened daily and sorted. All direct mailings that are going to clutter the room and not be used should go directly into the recycling bin.


It is very important to have a clean office area. This area is one that you must be productive within the space and able to think clearly while paying bills, writing letters, planning functions and other tasks that you must complete. It is important to have a serene environment. Floor to ceiling shelves help to create les clutter – stack books for an interesting look and put souvenirs and knick knacks in the midst of the stacks of books.


It is important to have a functional yet optical pleasing desk to work with. This desk must be functional for you in the way of storage for office supplies, files or other products. It is important to have avoided having a ‘junk drawer’ of sorts as it will get filled more often than not and create clutter within it.


I recommend having a basket in each room – even the office. This basket is the place that objects will be placed if they do not have a place to go. This is a quick way to decrease clutter – and the baskets can be cleared at the end of each day. These baskets are a great way to keep the space clear from confusion. One at the door is a great way to locate those ever lost cellular phones, keys, and wallets. Within the office for mail, pens – and other items.

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